The Importance of Wet Mitten - A Letter From A Friend

The following is a great letter we received from a fan and friend of Wet Mitten, Adam Handy:

Grand Haven, Michigan and the tri-cities area is a very special place to my family. In the almost 30 years that we’ve been visiting a lot has changed. We started out camping, then moved into renting vacation cottages, until we finally purchased our own condo just over the bridge in Ferrysburg. Since we aren’t full-time residents we try to make the most of every visit to the area. In those quick...

Bote Flood

Here at Wet Mitten we like to test the products that we sell to you guys. By trying our products first-hand, we attain knowledge about how they ride from personal experience. Plus it’s an awesome excuse for us to get out and play in the water..

Here’s a quick video of shop manager Tim and shop friend Courtney trying out our 10’6” and 12’0” Bote Floods from our demo fleet!



West Michigan Summer

Grand Haven is more than just a seasonal beach town on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s more than the 4th of July and Coast Guard Festival. To me, Grand Haven is an ideal. It’s where I go to escape reality and live without worry.

I’ve been coming to Grand Haven every summer for as long as I can remember. I remember sunny days spent at the beach and evenings at the Dairy Treat. I’ve strolled down the pier at sunset and dove into the 65 degree water. I’ve...

Grand Haven Weekly SUP Demos

Now that summer is in full swing here in West Michigan, people are trying to get outside and enjoy it as much as possible. While people are seeking different activities to do, one is getting increasingly popular: Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP).

As SUPing is on the rise, we’ve noticed that people are getting more curious about differences in board sizes and styles. We’ve decided the best way to answer these questions would be to have people get out on the water and...