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Questions? Call us
Grand Haven: 616-844-3388
Traverse City: 231-929-3388
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NSP-Element-   2014 NSP Element 10'2"
NSP-Element-11   2014 NSP Element 11'0"
NSP-Element-11.6   2014 NSP Element 11'6"
Rivi-10-6   2014 Riviera 10'6"
Rivi-11-6   2014 Riviera 11'6"
2014-Riviera-Voyager-12.6   2014 Riviera Voyager 12'6"
3mm-Hyperflex-Amp-Boot   3mm Hyperflex Amp Boot- Round or Split Toe
5mm Hyperflex Hood   5mm Access Series Bibbed Hood
5mm-Hyperflex-Amp-Boot   5mm Hyperflex Amp Boot- Round or Split Toe
6-4-Krypto   6'4" Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto
6-4-Bobsled-SLX   6'4" McTavish Bobsled SLX
6-4-SUMO   6'4" McTavish SUMO
6mm-Hyperflex-Mitts   6mm Hyperflex Mesh Skin Mitts
7-0-Bobsled   7'0" McTavish Bobsled SLX
7-4-Blackfish   7'4" Modern Blackfish
7-4-NSP   7'4" NSP Fish
7-6-Blackbird   7'6" Modern Blackbird
7mm-Hyperflex-Amp-Boot   7mm Hyperflex Amp Round Toe Booties
7S-Superfish-XL-6-8   7S Superfish XL- 6'8"
7S-Superfish-XL-8-0   7S Superfish XL- 8'0"
9-0-Magic3-X2   9'0" Walden Magic 3- X2
9-6-OLDSKOOL   9'6" Modern Old Skool
Arbor-Axis-GT   Arbor Axis GT
Axis-Koa   Arbor Axis Koa
Bamboo-Axis   Arbor Bamboo Axis
Bamboo Pintail   Arbor Bamboo Pintail
Arbor Catalyst   Arbor Catalyst
Arbor-Woody   Arbor Woody
1805   Boombox Complete
Carver-Da-Monsta-31   Carver Da Monsta 31
Carver-Diamond-35   Carver Diamond 35
Carver-Fort-Knox-31   Carver Fort Knox 31
Carver-Resin-31   Carver Resin 31
Carver-Spaceman-36   Carver Spaceman 36
Carver-Swallow-Tail-29   Carver Swallow Tail 29
Sticker-Package   Great Lakes Proud - Wet Mitten Sticker Package
Great Lakes Proud Sticker   Great Lakes Proud Sticker
3mm-Amp-Glove   Hyperflex 3mm Amp Glove
5mm-Amp-Glove   Hyperflex 5mm Amp Glove
Amp-III-5/3-Wind-Suit   Hyperflex – 2012 AMP lll WIND 5/3 FRONTZIP FULLSUIT
Hyperflex-AMP-6-5-4   Hyperflex AMP 6/5/4 Hooded Fullsuit
Amp-III-4.3-Front-Zip   Hyperflex Amp III 4/3 Front Zip Fullsuit
Hyperflex-CycloneM-4-3   Hyperflex Cyclone II 4/3
Hyperflex-CycloneW-4-3   Hyperflex Cyclone II 4/3
Hyperflex-CycloneM-5-4   Hyperflex Cyclone II 5/4
Hyperflex-CycloneW-5-4   Hyperflex Cyclone II 5/4
Hyperflex-CycloneJ-4-3   Hyperflex Cyclone II- Juniors 4/3
Kahuna-Drop   Kahuna Drop Deck 43"
Keep-Calm-and-Head-up-North   Keep Calm and Head up North T
M109-T   M109 T
1802   Maestro 7-ply Complete
Maple Drop Carve   Maple Drop Carve
Meyerhoffer-9-6   Meyerhoffer 2 9'6"
Mi-Love-Michigan-Sticker   Mi Love Michigan Sticker
Michigan-Copper-Necklace   Michigan Copper Necklace- OUT OF STOCK
Modern-Retro-9.1   Modern Retro 9'1"
E2-NSP-10.2   NSP 10'2" 2013
Penny Nickel   Penny Nickel Skateboard
Penny-Skateboard   Penny Skateboard
Retrofish-Blue   Retrofish Beach Board 48" - Blue
Retrofish-Kiwi   Retrofish Beach Board 48" - Kiwi
Rasta-Retrofish   Retrofish Beach Board 48" - Rasta
Riviera-Select-10.6   Riviera 10'6" Select Series- Bamboo
Riviera-Select-Series-11.6   Riviera 11'6" Select- Bamboo
Rivi-Asset-Adjustable-   Riviera Adjustable Asset R8.5 Carbon Fiber Paddle
Riviera-Alloy-Adjustable   Riviera Alloy Adjustable
Riviera-Paddle-Boards   Riviera Select Series 10'6"- White
Riviera-Stand-Up-Paddleboards   Riviera Select Series 11'6"- White
1804   Robot Complete
Sector-9-Bamboo-Drop   Sector 9 Bamboo Drop
Sector-9-Norseman   Sector 9 Norseman
Sector-9-Seeker   Sector 9 Seeker 39
1803   Sportster Complete
S-Winger-6-4   Stewart S-Winger 6'4"
SUP-Rail-Tape   SUP Rail Tape
Alloy-Adjustable-SUP-Paddle   Trident Alloy Adjustable SUP Paddle
Trip-X-Johnson-5-0   Triple X Johnson Bamboo 5'0"
Trip-X-Johnson-5-4   Triple X Johnson Bamboo 5'4"
Unsalted-Documentary   Unsalted DVD
Wet-Mitten-Trucker-Hat   Wet Mitten Trucker Hat
Wet-Mitten-Wine-Glass-(4)   Wet Mitten Wine Glass (set of 4)
Z-Flex-Longboard   Z Flex Longboard

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Welcome To Our Store

Welcome to Wet Mitten, we are Michigan's premier surf shop! The Wet Mitten Surf Shop is a locally owned Michigan based company, specializing in stand-up paddle (SUP), surf, kiteboard and skate/longboard gear. A wide variety of rental and lesson services are also available throughout the year.

Our mission is to share our love for the outdoors and water sports in particular through the promotion of stand-up paddle, surf and kiteboarding. Surrounded by a freshwater ocean and home to thousands of inland lakes and rivers, Michigan is a water sport enthusiasts paradise. If you've ever been lucky enough to surf a glassy northwest swell in Grand Haven, kitesurf Little Sable Point on a breezy south wind, stand-up paddle the pristine waters of East or West Bay in Traverse City, brave the chilly waters of Lake Superior to surf the perfect wave, or anything in between, you understand how truly unique and amazing Michigan is. Our goal at the Wet Mitten is to help make those stand-up paddle, kiteboard and surf experiences and adventures accessible to everyone through the gear that we sell and the lessons and rentals that we offer.

We at Wet Mitten Surf Shop invite you to get out on the water and "Explore Michigan's other half"

Now serving two locations:

Grand Haven location 301 N Harbor, suite B-3 Grand Haven, MI 49417 (616) 844-3388

Traverse City location 101 N Park, suite 2-A Traverse City, MI 49684 (231) 929-3388

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